Gone Swimming's Wet Weekends are back again for 2015.
If you have an ask around in the swimming world you will hear talk of fun, relaxed trips in North Wales. Here's what the fuss is about and why folk keep coming back and back.*

2 nights- Wednesday 26 August to Friday 28 August
3 nights- Monday 31 August to Thursday 3 September
£350 - SOLD OUT! 

How do I book?
Simply email info@goneswimming.co.uk
 let us know which trip you would like to come on, and we will send you the booking information.

This year the trips all are held in Anglesey, in the same building we have been using since the first trip. It's a short drive from the Train Station and Ferry Dock in Holyhead but far more important, a short walk to the beach.

The trip.
Trips are from 2pm on the start day to 2pm on the last day. We will start as we mean to go on, welcoming you to the house with a cuppa and some home made cake. From then on it, its all up to the group. We will swim, walk, swim, eat, snooze, swim, eat again.

Where will I stay?
The accommodation is ideal for these trips. Big open airy house with a super kitchen for Gabs and Joanne, plus loads of sprawling sofas for you spread out on. Upstairs is kitted out with bunk beds for 10 guests in 3 different rooms.

You have cake, right?
Oh boy do we have cake! Gabs has been running the kitchen for the last 3 years, but has now decide to let some one else have a go. Joanne is going to be helping out, making sure that we have a the same amazing food, but letting Gabby spend a bit less time covered in flour. All the food on the trip is home made. Meals are served “family style” with loads of side dishes, fresh bread, salads and other goodies to make sure that everyone's happy and well fed for swimming.
We have dinner and breakfast at the house, but are out and about enjoying ourselves for lunch.
Our returning guests* claim they come for the swimming but stay for the cake.

What do I get?

You get your accommodation, local transport, food, hot drinks, meals and cakes. You also get 2 guides, the use of a Robie changing robe, water proof ruck sac, high vis swimming hat and wetsuit hire should you want it. 

OK, that's all great but what distances will we swim?

That's very, very much up to you. This is not a “where we go one we go all” trip. If you would like to don your flowery bathing cap and knitted cosy and lay like a star fish in the shallows, then we will keep an eye on you and offer you any tips should you ask. If you would like to get some training in for an event or would like to venture along a craggy shore line then we will be right there with you. Gabs and Mike are equally well trained, adventurous and keen to swim with you and keep you safe.
Each morning we will have a look at the map, weather and tides and see what our options are. Then at the swim spot we will see who wants to do what. Do we want to hang out, have a cuppa and a bit of a coached session on race techniques? Would you like to swim out to that rock? Round the corner, or up and down this sandy beach? All, non, yes?

I'm really, really not a very good swimmer. Can I still come?
Yes. Please please please come. Confidence and ability in the water, only come from being in the water. Please stop buying the guide books and drooling over the photos friends share, and come and play with us.


*When you come back you become what we affectionately call a “repeat offender”. The current record holder has been 11 times, since 2013. He's from Yorkshire so according to stereotypes, we must be great value for money!



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