As wild swimmers, we love our journey swims in open water - something that no pool swimmer could ever do. We started one a while ago as a bit of a project - swimming the River Dee from source to sea. Have a read of part one.

We've recently discovered adventurer and blogger - Al Humphreys. There are many things we like about him - including; microadventures, drybags, Bialetti coffee makers, and Vibram FiveFingers.

He has made this rather awesome video. It's only 3 minutes long. Grab a coffee, and watch it.

It's not pretentious, and he seems to just enjoy being in the river for the sake of being in the river... swimming for the sake of swimming, without any other goal or purpose. This is what we like about swimming too.

There is another blog post brewing about the absolute polar opposite of this attitude, and what our thoughts are on it. Watch out for that next week sometime.

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