After the super positive review for the Zoggs Predator Flex Polarised, we had high hopes for the Zoggs Predator Mask.

The Predator Mask from Simply Swim.

It is a great mask, nice and light, with a super soft and very comfy silicon seal. The tinted version is good, it cuts down on the glare, but doesn't make things too shady... a well designed lense.

Unfortunately, it would appear that my head and Gabby's head were both a little bit too narrow for the mask. It would sit very comfortably on our faces, and when swimming on the surface it was just fine. However, as soon as our faces wereimmersed (not even to any depth) it would leak slightly around the sides. I could just about stop the leak if I cranked up the straps really tightly, but then that made it uncomfortable.

That is certainly not to say that it is a bad mask. As we have said for all goggles & wetsuits - you have got to try them on and find out what fits for you. A swimming mask was new for us to wear - although we've both worn diving masks (with covered noses) before. I really liked it, and found it very comfortable - it's just not quite the right fit for my narrow head. Definitely worth checking out if you are in the market for a mask - the larger coverage of the face does help to ward off the ice cream headache for that little bit longer.

Zoggs have a cracking reputation for good goggles, and their Predator range is no exception. Soft silicon seals fit our faces quite comfortably, easy to adjust strap - what more do you want in a set of goggles.

Check out the previous review of the Zoggs Predator Flex Polarised. Watch out for our forthcoming reviews of the the AquaSphere Kaiman and the AquaSphere Kayenne - more swimming goggles coming soon.

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