Mara swimming in her Crewsaver Petfloat

Mara took to swimming like a duck to knitting. Mara is my 2 year old Springer Spaniel and she does not like being out of her depth. That is not in any small part due to me chucking her into the River Allyn when she was a puppy. So I have decided to go back to square one and teach her to swim. Nicely this time.

I got a doggy life jacket from Crewsaver, they call it a Pet Float, and have been super duper impressed with it. It is reassuringly expensive at £36.99. I was really pleased that it was just as good quality as their people lifejackets. It’s a swanky red and black number with a very unbaffling 3 clip system.

It has a good thickness around the body and a thinner bit under the body. It also had a little pouch on the back, and a handle. I am not sure if you are meant to carry the dog ever by the handle (it probably says not to in the booklet), but when I carried her, she was just all floppy and did not seem to mind (She was probably just happy not to be made to go swimming!).

It also had a handy place to clip a lead onto which is useful so you don’t have to use the dogs collar and risk getting all tangled up. It also has a bit where you can write your name and number in case you lose it (the dog or the jacket I assume!)

I measured Mara and she came out as a large which I don’t really understand as she is pretty micro for a Springer, and the jacket is a good fit. Once I snugged up all the clips and tucked in the excess there was still room to tighten it up more. And she is no porker.

In the water the life jacket was just right to let her walk in and then float at the same point she would have done had she not had it on, then once she was in, it just held her a bit higher than she would have been without it. When she is in the water it does not move around or look like she is going to pop out of it. She seemed pretty happy in her new cozzy.

It dried as quickly as you would expect and suffered no ill effects after a good hour with Mara, Dan and I.

Over all good job team, I love it! Thanks Crewsaver!

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