Gabby enjoying herself in the water, blowing bubble rings

With Gabby’s qualifications (she's a Level 2 ASA swimming teacher), experience, exuberance and attention to detail you can be sure all of your needs will be catered for, she will make sure you have an adventure to remember.

During her late teens, Gabby went to a course at Edinburgh School of Food and Wine. Gabs’s passion for food really took off there as she was able to learn skills under the guidance of some pretty groovy chefs. This diploma was hard and fast, like some kind of crazy cooking boot camp.

After that she went to Australia to teach kids how to swim. In 2002, Gabs took herself of the Caribbean with the grand idea of seeking her fortune. She ended up cooking on charter yachts in the British Virgin Islands. There she dived at every chance she got and gained her PADI Rescue Diver Certification.

The trips on board the yachts gave Gabs a great opportunity to learn flexibility and diversity as a chef in the galley. Guests sometimes neglected to mention that they were a diabetic vegan coeliac until they were 2 hours off shore... nice.

Gabby floating on a wild swimming holiday

Gabby first leant to swim on the beaches in Angelsey. It's only right as that's the island her family are from.

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