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With Gabby’s qualifications (she's a Level 2 ASA swimming teacher), experience, exuberance and attention to detail you can be sure all of your needs will be catered for, she will make sure you have an adventure to remember.

Gabby floating on a wild swimming holiday

During her late teens, she went up to a course at Edinburgh School of Food and Wine. Gabs’s passion for food really took off there as she was able to learn skills under the guidance of some pretty groovy chefs. This diploma was hard and fast, like some kind of crazy cooking boot camp. After that she went to Australia to teach kids how to swim. In 2002, Gabs took herself of the Caribbean with the grand idea of seeking her fortune. She ended up cooking on charter yachts in the Caribbean. There she dived at every chance she got and gained her PADI Rescue Diver Certification.

The trips on board the yachts gave Gabs a great opportunity to learn flexibility and diversity as a chef in the galley. Guests sometimes neglected to mention that they were a diabetic vegan coeliac until they were 2 hours off shore... nice.

Gabby enjoying herself in the water, blowing bubble rings

Gabby first leant to swim on the beaches on Rhosneighr, in Anglesey. Gabs’s family are from the island originally and she is very proud of her roots there. The whopping great gouges out of the hill side copper mines are the only lasting reminder of her family's mark!!

She is also a faster swimmer than Dan.

Dan on a wild swimming adventure in the Menai Straits

You can be sure that his background in safety and rescue training, means that you can be sure you will be well looked after in the water.

Dan started swimming in open water long before it was called “wild swimming”. Over twelve years of regularly dipping, frequently racing, and often playing in open water has given Dan a deep understanding and a wealth of experience of open water. Dan has worked as a First Aid Instructor, Pool & Beach Lifeguard Trainer Assessor, Powerboat and Safety Boat Instructor, JetSki Rescue Instructor and an Advanced Swiftwater Rescue Technician Instructor for various organisations. He currently works on a consultancy basis with several rescue organisations. He is a contributing author to numerous magazines and technical manuals - including the forthcoming second edition of the Handbook on Drowning.

He was invited to present at the World Conference on Drowning Prevention, in both 2011 in Danang, Vietnam; and 2013 in Potsdam, Germany. These presentations were about the work of Nile Swimmers; a pioneering water safety and drowning prevention project in Africa. Nile Swimmers was founded by Dan in 2007 with Tom Mecrow, since then the project has grown substantially, and is one of the most widely respected drowning prevention projects running in Africa.

To relax he freedives occasionally. Yes, for some reason he finds holding his breath underwater to be relaxing, believe it or not. The answer to your next question, is “nearly four minutes, last time I tried a max attempt”. He also took most of the photographs that appear on this site, having swam (and often provided rescue cover) in every single bit of water that you see - including, Lake Biakal in Russia, White Lake in Mongolia, the River Nile, St Gilles Croix de Vie in France, the English Channel, the River Dee, Bala Lake, and many many more.

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